About Us

Who are we and how we work

We are group of forex trading lovers who built these website to provide value to those who are searching for a broker to trade with.
What we take in consideration mix of parameters while ranking a broker in a specific location page, such as:
Local regulation, global reputation, Customer support, trading offering such as minimum deposit, leverage and commissions.
We are not promoting any non-regulated brokers and making an efforts to show only trusted brokers on our website.

Advertiser disclosure

Our reviews and comparison pages are based on our own views and opinions. Some of the brands and advertisers that do appear on this site are companies from which we receive compensation. However, not all brands or other advertisers offering similar products in the market are included on our page or factored into our reviews or rankings. The compensation received may impact how and where products and/or services appear on the site, including the order in which they appear at any given time and, in some cases, may also impact the ratings assigned to them. Furthermore, even though many brands and advertisers appear on our sites, this does not imply a formal endorsement of any kind. The information, including the scope of brands and advertisers or the offered products/services, that appears on this site is subject to change at any time.

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