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OctaFX is one of the widely recognized Forex ECN brokers, and it trades on metals, indices, cryptocurrencies via CFDs, and the likes. This reputable forex broker operates on the MetaTrader and cTrader suite trading platforms. It operates a rather simple platform such that a newbie trader can navigate his/her way through easily.

In 2011, OctaFX was founded, and since its conception, traders have enjoyed several trading benefits it offers. The trading platforms it operates on having different types that are compatible with devices such as Windows Desktop, Mobile (iPhone and Android), and this forex broker also has its application known as OctaFX trading app. 

This remarkable forex broker also comes with top-notch trading instruments, and as such, it is one of the best forex brokers in the online space to trade with. 


OctaFX operation is via St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which is where Octa Markets Incorporated was registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA). As much as FSA is charged with specific prerogatives to guide and police a plethora of international business companies, it isn’t in charge of regulating forex brokers. 

Thus, OctaFX remains autonomous and unregulated. However, this doesn’t mean OctaFX is prone to fraudulent activities and malpractices. Since 2011, OctaFX has successfully expanded and broadened its trading operation systems. To be precise, up to 1,500,000 people trust this great forex broker. This should also be considered when assessing OctaFX. 

You need not worry as this broker has gathered a high number of traders in that it offers security despite it being unregulated and it also provides a business-friendly approach to its traders. OctaFX provides:

  • Protection of negative balance to ensure traders don’t lose more than the deposited balance while trading
  • Segregation of corporate funds and client deposits


In OctaFX, traders can pick from three leading trading platforms in the forex market, which are the MT4 (MetaTrader 4), MT5 (MetaTrader 5), and cTrader, which is designed for trading through the electronic communication network (ECN). 

These platforms are quite suitable for automated trading, and they are available in desktop, Webtrader, and mobile versions. With these trading platforms, all your trading activities will go smoothly and quickly. MT5 however, remains the trading platform where all items and assets are available for trading.

Thus, you can trade with any of these platforms in OctaFX. Forex trading just got better with OctaFX. 


This remarkable broker has bagged lots of awards since its inception. For the year 2020, OctaFX received the following awards:

  • Best Forex Copytrading Platform (FXSCOUTS)
  • Best Forex Broker Nigeria (Global Banking and Finance)
  • Best CFD Broker Asia Pacific (CFI.CO)
  • Best Cryptocurrency Broker (FXExplained.co.uk)
  • Best ECN Broker (World Finance)
  • Best Islamic FX Account (World Finance)
  • Best Forex Broker Asia (FX Daily Info) 
  • Best Partnership South East Asia (Global Banking and Finance)

The list goes on and on. OctaFX is one of the best forex trading platforms worldwide, and its award winnings are there to assert this fact.


In OctaFX, there is an analytics section under Trader’s tools, which is quite comprehensive. It possesses eleven sub-classes and it also helps traders to stay updated on market commentaries and in-house researches published under Forex News, Market Insights, and Technical Analysis by OctaFX. 

These publications are regularly updated, and they include written content, charts, and the likes. For education purposes, OctaFX contains 19 topics, which are all under Forex Basics. They include educational written and video content, and charts. As brief as they are, they are quite educative. 

The tutorial specifically borders on OctaFX-specific trading guides while the videos are hinged on OctaFX Copytrading as well as MT4 and MT5. In the educational materials, you will also find videos and written content that appropriately introduces you to forex trading. 

The FAQ section and a glossary readily available for you if you are struggling with any question you are unclear about. Traders can easily gain access to the manuals to seek help on how the three trading platforms operate and other related services and tools. Thus, you don’t need to be well-versed in Forex before using this broker. The educational content stocked up here will surely ensure you learn while trading. 

For update and education purposes, OctaFX:

  • Updates three sections many times in a day with ideas for trading and market commentaries
  • Offers an efficient educational portal
  • Regular webinars for newbie traders to understand the Forex market

There are lots of benefits for traders that trade with this broker, and one of them is its efficiency and quick trade executions. You’ll also learn a lot trading with OctaFX. 


OctaFX offers two trading means, which are the MetaTrader platform suite and the OctaFX app. You can trade through your mobile phone or your PC. More so, OctaFX does not deduct charges for withdrawals, deposits, and conversion of currencies. There are no hidden charges or extra costs. This makes OctaFX the least expensive broker in the online space to trade with. This is how it accomplishes one of its goals as being a low-cost broker for newbie and experienced Forex traders alike. Thus, with OctaFX, security, and less expenditure is guaranteed. 

Master traders can leverage the OctaFX Copytrading platform to acquire an additional revenue stream from their devised trading strategy. This is also another way to make more revenue from OctaFX. Yes, Forex trading just got better with OctaFX! 


OctaFX operates a customer service that is available 24/7. You can easily contact them through their Telegram handle and live chat. There is also a webform readily available, and traders can easily place a call across to them. OctaFX there is quick access to a customer service rep in case the need is somewhat urgent. So, you have no reason to doubt this remarkable broker. 

OctaFX is quick, reliable, secure, educative, and profitable. If you want to begin forex trading, start with OctaFX.

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