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Min. Deposit: $100


ThinkMarkets was established in 2010 and has been a premium multi-asset online brokerage that has its headquarters in Melbourne and London, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North Africa, South America and Europe. If you’re looking for an easy access to a wide range of ThinkMarkets including CFD on equities, commodities, futures, cryptocurrencies as well as indices and more then ThinkMarkets is your best trading solution.

ThinkMarkets uses of MT4 and an advanced type of MT5. ThinkMarkets is often referred to as the best mobile platform in the forex industry. Using the latest technology to provide execution speed as well as the best pricing, they’ve been able to deliver superior service to their traders. They’ve also been able to maintain a strong reputation as regards tight spreads, commissions and a wide range of accounts types. All these attributes are tailored to their clients’ needs and preferences.


ThinkMarkets is recognized by some of the most reputable and trusted trading and financial regulatory bodies such as FCA, ASIC an FSCA. ThinkMarkets is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and is liable to provide regular financial reports to these regulatory body in addition to being audited every year.

They are also registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and hold the Australian financial services license. In the eventuality of any default, ThinkMarkets provides a private insurance that protect their client hedge funds, up to 1 million dollars. This innovative offer makes investors and clients feel at ease.

ThinkMarkets strictly adheres to the principle of transparency. Plus, their activities and not hidden as they seek to protect the interests of their clients. As a step to enhance security, their clients’ funds are carefully segregated and placed in top tier banks.

Platforms and tools

As we stated earlier, ThinkMarkets makes use of MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4 and Think Trader. ThinkMarkets uses the MetaTrader 5 as it is the latest platform by metaquotes. This is because the MetaTrader 5 provide state-of-the-art features as well as other additional advantages including 21 timeframes, 6 pending order types and netting and hedging options.

It also comes with a multi trade strategy tester for traders. The MetaTrader 4 allows traders to customize and personalize their trading experience. This also gives them a technological edge over their competitors. As similar to order broker platforms, ThinkMarkets offers MetaTrader 4 to their clients. However, there are other services which include indicators and tools. This allows traders to be smart about your choices.

Asides from the platforms, you also have the options of trading with several trading tools. These tools include Trading Central, VPS hosting and Auto chartist. Autochartist is a risk calculator that allows traders to comfortably set the amount of money they are willing to trade with or take risk on.

This means that they get to set their desired entry and exit levels. Trading Central happens to be a suite of tools that allows for smarter trading. The trading central suite of tools provides actionable investment research products for hedge funds, brokers, individual traders, financial institutions as well as exchanges globally.

VPS hosting allows Traders to assume full control over their trading. What this does is that you can continue using your computer for trading even when there is power outage unexpectedly. Asides from power outage the VPS hosting will do well for traders who continually experience internet disconnection and unexpected shutdowns.


If you are looking to learn more about how you can use ThinkMarkets to learn as they offer several learning content and tools that can help you provide you with a quality learning experience. The courses you will find on their website are divided into three. You have the trading for beginners, intermediate trading tutorials, and advanced trading tutorials. Each of these courses take you from beginner to expert.

Within each of these courses you are starting to find a list of modules that tell you what each course entails. Asides from the list of courses, ThinkMarkets also provides you with step-by-step guide on how you can navigate their trading platform. The courses are so explanatory that you don’t need to outsource external help.

Trading info

On-the-market platform you have the option of trading a variety of market. This means that you are likely to find forex, precious metals, indices, cryptocurrency, commodities, CFD shares, CFD as well as contract specification on the platform. With these options, you can conveniently pick the market you want to trade in and get started. The availability of options makes ThinkMarkets one of the best trading platforms in the trading industry.

Account types

ThinkMarkets operates with three different accounts. You have the demo account that is often used by beginners who are looking to familiarize themselves with their trading platform. The standard account happens to be a great place to start for any intermediate or experienced trader.

If you wish to use the standard account, know that the minimum opening balance is €0. The zero account offers minimum zero spreads between the asking price and the bid. This means that traders are allowed direct access to institutional pricing without any compiled markup by the broker. They only have to pay a small commission.

The latest awards

ThinkMarkets has had the opportunity or bagging several awards. These awards include:

  • Best Value Broker in Asia at the 2020 – Global Forex Awards
  • Best Forex Trading Experience 2017 – UK Forex Awards
  • Best Forex Trading Innovation 2017 – UK Forex Awards
  • Best Customer Service 2013 – UK Forex Awards

Customer care

ThinkMarkets also has an efficient support team and customer service that is available 24 hours in 5 days. If you need any assistance while trading on the platform, you can immediately get assistance by simply filling and submitting a support ticket. Asides from their swift support, they also have a multilingual support team that can readily assist you in case you do not understand English. You can also contact them via live chat, email and phone call. In a nutshell, there are quite efficient.

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